Test websites for money

Ever visit a site and you pondered how awful or how extraordinary it was? Presently you can get paid to share your considerations.

Simply open a site, click around, and get paid. New or refreshed site proprietors remunerate you to test their locales.

For instance with User Testing you can win nearly $30 for 60 minutes. Here’s the means by which it works:

You get paid $10 by means of PayPal for each 20-minute video you finish.

UserTesting pays you to visit sites or applications, finish an arrangement of undertakings, and record your considerations.

While you’re going to a site your screen will be recorded and in addition your voice. Their customers incorporate Apple, Microsoft, Adobe, and other Fortune 500 organizations. How might you like a couple of bucks to share your musings?

Look at how to profit from home testing sites for a full rundown of organizations that will pay you for testing.

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