Fun & Effective Animated Videos To Tell A Story

We’re a small team of artists who specialize in whiteboard animation, 2D animation and motion graphics.





About US

Hi! My name is Malica I’ve been a registered nurse since 2010 and time and time again there’s one part of my industry that sticks out the most as needing to be improved. Patient education. There are lots of things – like health conditions and medication compliance – that people seem to always have questions about. That’s why I founded this company, to create engaging videos to help educate kids and adults alike.

I’m a self-taught artist who specialize in landscapes, human figures and cartoon animal drawing. I’ve been learning and improving my whiteboard animation talents for around two years now. I got the idea when I discovered my daughter hooked on a YouTube channel using whiteboard animation videos in explaining science concepts. I thought it is such an effective tool in stimulating my child’s interest in learning. I was so amazed how it kept my child’s attention that I decided to sign up for a whiteboard animation class the next day.

My goal is to share my creative talents through animation and provide value to your business. I knew I couldn’t do this all on my own so I’ve spent the last two years contacting and networking with a range of artists from across the planet. Together we all share the same creative values and goals.  If you’re watching your online marketing struggle or spending lots of money on dead-end Facebook advertisements, contact us and we’ll see how we can improve your story-telling through fun and engaging animated videos.

Fun & Effective Animated Videos To Tell A Story

Fun Animated Videos To Tell A Story

We’re a small team of artists who specialize in whiteboard animation, 2D animation and motion graphics. It’s our goal to provide a fun and effective alternative to dreary PowerPoint slideshows and out-dated posters with personalized animated videos for small businesses and practitioners.

Effective Animated Videos To Tell A Story

Our videos are designed to improve your story-telling. They’re easy to share with your demographic through social media on platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, work brilliantly for advertisements, and can improve your SEO outreach. Google loves videos – but more on that later!

How It Works 

Concept & Scriptwriting

This is the part we love the most. Contact us and tell us what sort of video you’re after. It could be a whiteboard explainer video for a boardroom of stockholders, a 2D animation for children in the waiting room, or motion graphics for use across social media advertising. The important part is that you are in control throughout this process. You can send us the script and detailed concept and we’ll work from that. If you need help during this process, our team is on hand to lend our expert advice.


This is where we draw up a rough design of your future animated video. We flesh out the concepts and build the story around the chosen script. Once we’ve finished it up, we send it back to you so you can look over it. If you’re pleased we start rolling on the next steps and your video is well underway!

Voice Over

Another fun part is choosing a voice actor. You can be the star of the show if you’d like, or we can pool our resources and find an actor who fits the bill. It could be fun and light-hearted or more serious and informative – whatever you’d like for the video, we can sort it.

Creating the Animated Video

With everything arranged we start to create your video. Our team work fast to create the perfect animated videos to your specifications. Thanks to our global team of artists, we offer extremely competitive prices.

Animated Videos for Marketing and Education


Animated Videos for Marketing

Videos are the best way to tell a story in the 21st century. Not only is everyone from grandmothers to school-kids on social media, but it’s also proven that videos attract more potential clients. They take complex ideas and boil them down to make content more digestible and attractive to people who might just be scrolling past. Once you’ve got the viewers attention it is much easier to sell your brand.

Animated Videos for Education

YouTube estimates that there are up to 300 hours of content uploaded to its platform every minute, and you don’t need to spend more than a second on YouTube to see another video pop-up. That’s why you need your video to stand out from the rest. Our bespoke animated videos do just that. They appeal to a wide range of audiences – from kids to adults – for education, branding and more.

OUR PRICING includes the following:


Professional Voice Over (Male or Female American Accent)

Animation & Special Effects

Royalty Free Background Music

HD 1080  Format

14 day delivery

3 Revisions

Do you need your script/ voice over in a foreign language?

Whiteboard Animation/2D Animation/Motion Graphics


  • 30 seconds
  • 60 seconds
  • 90 seconds
  • 120 seconds

  • $ 195
  • $ 370
  • $ 525
  • $ 650

Is your video longer than 120 seconds?

You are in really good company

Over the past 7 years, we’ve worked with organizations of all sizes and shapes- from Fortune 100 brands to global enterprises, startups to SMEs, and Governments to NGOs.